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Philosophy of Interschool Competition:

For some students, the schools provides the first opportunity for students to participate in organized athletic competition. Thus, it should be a learning experience.

As teachers and coaches, there are many purposes for interschool competition. Some include:

  • to provide enrichment for participating athletes;
  • to provide an opportunity for social interaction in a team situation;
  • to provide an opportunity for responsibility to him/herself and others;
  • to provide an opportunity for social interaction with adults, spectators and players from other schools and in a variety of environments;
  • to provide an opportunity for coaches to develop and enhance their leadership skills;
  • to provide an opportunity to develop and increase school spirit.

The interschool athletics program should provide an appropriate level of competition, yet encourage wide-spread participation at the school level. Our student athletes should focus on the development of the basic skills of athletics in an enjoyable atmosphere. As the student athletes get older and skills improve, increased challenges of skill and competition should be provided. Outstanding achievement in regions should be recognized board-wide through championship tournaments and showcase events. This program moves student athletes along a continuum of skill development and opportunity during their years in elementary school.