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Expectations at Dalewood

Welcome to another great year of learning at Dalewood French Immersion Public School

Our goal at Dalewood French Immersion Public School is to provide a quality education focussed on developing student confidence, fluency and efficacy in the English and French language.

Bell Times

8:15 Students arrive on playground (teacher supervision begins)
8:25 Student Entry
8:35 - 10:10 Block #1
10:10 - 10:50 Fitness & Nutrition Break #1
10:50 - 12:30 Block #2
12:30 - 1:10 Fitness & Nutrition Break #2
1:10 - 2:50 Block #3
2:50 Dismissal

Entry and Exit

Pupils may only enter the school building at 8:15am unless they have:

  • made prior arrangements with a staff member
  • are met at the door to be admitted by this staff member

Entry to the school will be as follows:

  • Primary students enter the school using the primary doors (north)
  • Junior students enter the school using the junior doors (west)
  • Intermediate students enter the school using the intermediate doors (south)
  • Student entry must be safe and orderly

Upon entry, students are asked to remove any hats, hoods as well as throw out gum.

At dismissal times, students are expected to leave the locker area and school grounds promptly unless they have specific after-school activities to attend in the building. Students are to wait for their buses at the front of the school in an organized fashion.

Absences and Lates

Students entering after 8:35 am must report to the office for a late slip. Requests for early dismissal (i.e. medical appointment) must be in writing and given to the teacher. Absences need to be confirmed by phone or documented by parents in writing.

Movement Throughout The School

Students are asked to walk in the halls and stairways always keeping to the right in order to avoid congestion. Hall conversation should be respectable and at a volume that won't disturb others nearby. Students are not permitted to be in the hallways between classes without permission from a staff member. Proper and safe use of stairways is expected at all times.


Only combination locks are to be used on lockers. If they malfunction, are lost, or cut off, a replacement is required. Lockers must be kept tidy. Only necessary items required to fulfill school responsibilities are to be stored in lockers. Items may be attached to the lockers only with magnets (no tape or glue). A change in locker assignment must be approved and recorded by the homeroom teacher.

Physical Education Program

Students are required to bring a change of clothing for Physical Education classes. It is expected that students will wear shorts or track pants, a T-shirt, and appropriate running shoes (i.e. flat soles). Dalewood T-shirts and shorts can be purchased through the office in September. No jewellery is to be worn in physical education class or during any sporting activity.


Student are to consider the parking lot to be out of bounds as safety of students is always of primary concern. Students are to wait for their bus in the appropriate line. Students walking home should leave the school premises immediately and cross the street using assistance.

  • parents please DO NOT drop off or pick up students in the parking lot as it is quite small, and it is completely occupied by the movements of our buses.
  • please DO feel free to pick up students on Duncan Drive at Guy Road Park or at the corner of Draper and Duncan Drive.

TRIBES in our School

Every classroom at Dalewood sets their classroom expectations using TRIBES agreements. These agreements consists of:

  • Mutual Respect - students demonstrate respects for themselves, one another and property of everyone
  • Attentive Listening - students practice listening to one another and develop listening skills
  • Appreciation Statements - students engage in activities that allow students to acknowledge and embrace qualities and actions of one another
  • Right to Participate/Pass - students may choose the level of participation they are most comfortable with for certain activities.


"Do your best, do what's right, do what's expected and good things will happen."
"Sois juste, sois sage et des bonnes choses vont arriver."

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