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2017-2018 Back to School Student Transportation Information (Click Here)

Kindergarten Open House

Dalewood Recognition Program (Click Here)

2017-2018 Elementary School Year Calendar




School Council

2017-2018 School Council Meetings at 6:30 pm on -

September 19 - (click on date for minutes)

October 24

November 28 - (click on date for minutes)

January 23 - (click on date for minutes)

March 6 - (click on date for minutes)

April 24

May 22

Important Dates



March 1 - Dream Box Challenge Begins

March 29 - Character Education Assembly

Marrch 31 - Dream Box Challenge Ends

April 2 - Easter Monday (no school)

April 3 - Autism Awareness Day

April 4 - 11 - La Boite a Soleil Book Festival

April 6 - Choir Performance

April 10 & 11 - Camp rock

April 18 - Blue Spruce Celebration Day

April 21 - Recycle Drive (click to see more information)

April 21 - Donation Drive (click for more information)

April 21 - Rain Barrel Event - Please follow link - https://rainbarrel.ca/dalewood/

May 1 - Dalewood Track and Field Day - NOC

June 26 - Grade 8 Graduation









La Boite A Soleil Before and After School Care Information



Each week, Dalewood students have the opportunity to earn “Class of the Week”.  Students win this honour by “Doing their best, doing what’s right and doing what’s expected.”  When a class is earns “Class of the Week:”, the Dalewood Dragon names “Doug” spends the week learning with them and the students provide information for his blog.  Please check out Doug’s blog at dougledragon.blogspot.com



The Dalewood parking lot is a very busy place both before and after school.  We are asking parents to NOT park on the road in front of the school when dropping off or picking up their children. We need to keep this area clear for the busses.  Please drop your children off at Guy Road Park or the north corner.  Or, even better, please encourage your children to walk to school.  All children are asked to travel to the back of the school when they arrive and wait for the bell to ring before entering the school.